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Louis Barthélémy


Located in Ay, amidst Champagne's best known vineyards, the house benefits from rich and diversified grape buying contracts in a large number of crus. The house has a very distinct and elegant wine style, characterised by a small dosage but a long on lees ageing period.

The house benefits from rich and diversified grape buying contracts in a large number of crus. Of a viticultural background, we strive to obtain the best from Champagne's diversified terroirs in order to vinify great wines, which in turn will enable us to produce great champagnes. 

We have therefore introduced a highly selective wine making philosophy: from the rigorous selection of grapes to the bottling of the wines: precision, control and quality are the unbending principles that go into the Louis Barthélémy taste, a perfect balance between intensity and freshness. 

In order to symbolize our uncompromising quest for exceptional wines, we have named each cuvee after a precious stone.

Louis Barthélémy Brut Saphir 2002 Decanter wines - 17,88 pts

"Savoury, meaty, toasty, apricots, honey and gunpowder in the nose. This has the finesse, richness and elegance. Nuanced, well-integrated and stylish. Long finish."


This cuvée is a tribute to Bacchus the god of wine, who according to mythology, fell madly in love with a beautiful nymph called Améthyste.

Sadly for him, Améthyste was transformed into a stone whose colour matched that of Bacchus’ favourite wine by the goddess of chastity, Diane.

Powerful red fruit and brioche aromas.


This cuvée owns its name to the striking colour of its robe, similar to that of a golden Saphir exposed to daylight. 

Saphir or “most gorgeous thing” in ancient Greek: this name is the perfect embodiment for this exceptional and sophisticated cuvée. Hints of almond, honey and a touch of cinnamon and cocoa on the nose make this a complex and unique wine.


A Rubis is the rarest and most precious of jewels, especially when it is pink.

This cuvee is as rare and precious as a pink Rubis: its unique colour and elegance, with rich aromas of cherries and blackcurrants, will delight you.


The Opale or « most precious thing » in Sanskrit, was a symbol of love under the Greeks and the Romans.

It has been sought after since the Antiquity for its sensuality and the complexity of its reflections. This brilliantly clear champagne will seduce you with aromas of almonds and brioche, while the mouth is rich and smooth with complex honey flavours.


A brilliantly clear and luminous wine. The flavours are balanced between notes of red fruit and a strong minerality. The structure is powerful yet smooth. A crisp and complex champagne.


The Topaze or « Tapas » in Sanskrit, has been long sought after for its complex reflections and its purity. The Egyptians thought that it owned its color to the sun rays of Ra, white the pink Topaze was so rare in Russia that only the Tsar and his family could own it.

This Zéro Dosage cuvée is the authentic expression of Champagne’s terroirs. A perfect and balanced blend between Champagne’s three varietals, with complexity and purity.

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