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FAT bastard

FAT bastard is a ground-breaking brand that started the trend toward non-traditional, irreverent brands …


The FAT bastard collection is crafted from low-yielding hillside vineyards with diverse microclimates and distinct soils rich in clay and limestone which impart a delicate, ripe fruit character and a complex array of aromas to the final wines. 

The grapes used for our FAT bastard wines are mainly sourced from the Languedoc area, in Southern France.

Key factors of success

  • Irreverent and non-traditional concept with the iconic hippo.

  • Memorable name and eye-catching packaging (colored and impacting caspule and cases).

  • Approachable, fruit-forward high-quality wines with consistent style.

  • Affordable, outstanding value for money.

  • Highly committed partners.

4 million bottles - 3rd French wine brand in the USA

#1 French Chardonnay in the USA.

The FAT bastard family


Shear perfection

in every glass! 

Intense, cherry red in colour with fruit-forward flavours of crushed strawberry and wild raspberry followed by delicate tannins and a long, smooth finish.

This Pinot Noir complements a variety of dishes including grilled pork sausage with white asparagus or fresh salads tossed in balsamic vinegar. White meat and a wide variety of cheese. 


Colossal taste! 

Dark ruby in colour with vibrant purple reflections. A spicy, yet fresh profile containing notes of olive, clove and sweet blueberry with a pleasantly plump body and invigorating flavours. 

A perfect match with smoked Gouda, baby-back ribs, grilled or roasted red meat and any dishes with a spicy kick !  



It's big! It's bold!

It's beautiful! 

Ruby red colour with rich and opulent aromas of black currant, crushed blackberry, cinnamon and pepper spices. Exceptionally expressive, powerful and smooth all at once. 

To savour allongside hearty grilled meats or roasts, cheese and dark chocolate desserts.  


Massively lush! 

Deep, dark red in colour with elegant notes of plum and black cherry followed by subtle nuances of caraway and black pepper. Fresh, full and juicy with an expansive, structured finish. 

Easy to drink with a wide variety of food such as sausages, grilled steaks, burgers with Havarti cheese. Ideal for your next barbecue !  


Think Pink! 

A fresh and contemporary style! Intensive aromas of just picked summer strawberries and raspberries followed by an exuberant and harmonious palate brimming with the flavour of ripe red fruits and subtle notes of citrus. 

Enjoy on its own, or with fresh summer salads, spicy and fried food.  


For those who know

how to appreciate

a full body! 

Rich, golden yellow in colour with complex aromas of vanilla and honeysuckle layered with subtle nuances of oak. An eruption of topical fruit flavours that develop into a long, toasty finish.

Pairs perfectly with friends, family, and flavourful seafood dishes including baked salmon and grilled tuna steaks. 


Fresh, Flirty

and Fun!

Brilliant lemon yellow in colour with enticing aromas of grapefruit and lemon grass. Fresh, exotic fruit flavours and a crisp acidity followed by a long and persistent finish of epic proportions! 

Excellent on its own or pairs with seafood including shrimp or sushi, grilled vegetables or fish and goat cheese. 


A bubbly personality! 

Soft, elegant with fine bubbles and a delicate balance between sweetness and freshness. 

Great match with scallop, poultry with cream, citrus fruit soup.  

The origins of FAT bastard

Launched in 1998, FAT bastard was created almost by accident...
For an experiment, 2 friends, Thierry (French winemaker) and Guy (British wine industry rebel) had left a barrel “on the lees” (yeast cells) in the back of the cellar. They didn’t know what to expect, but when they tried the wine, Thierry exclaimed, with a strong French accent: “Now that iz what you call eh Phet bast-ard!”. This very British expression perfectly described the wine’s wonderful colour and round, rich palate, so that’s what they named it. The first FAT bastard wine was born! 

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