VINIHOLD is modern Company with deep roots in History.

It was founded inn 1998 by Fernando and Álvaro van Zeller, the 14th uninterrupted generation of a family involved in winemaking and trade, and previous owner of the world-renowned Quinta do Noval.


VINIHOLD allows access to a unique Portfolio of wines from estates located in the main Portuguese wine regions : more than 400 wines produced with both indigenous and international grape varieties by a panel of the best portuguese winemakers.

VINIHOLD bears an unrivalled partner status in Portuguese wines offer, with amazing diversity and quality/price rate.




Samuel Palmer, a late ancestor of the van Zeller family - once owner of Casa de Melladas – was a maverick and a remarkable icon in trading high quality Port Wine to England.

Paying attention to every single detail, our wines are carefully aged in the highest quality oak casks to ensure that they mature rare elixirs as Samuel Palmer once wanted them to be.

Aristotle once said – “Excellence is not an act, but a habit” and Tribute to Palmer is the pure reflex of the consistent art of crafting wine. Blending that, with 150 years of history unleashes a story worth telling and a fulfilling Port wine experience until the very last drop.

Luxury Port 150 years


The known origins of the van Zeller family refer back to the 13th Century, to the Flemish cities of Mechelen and Nijmegen, where they held several properties, namely, in the village of de Zellaer. During the 17th Century, in the rouse of the religious wars that ravaged the northern and central Europe at that time, the van Zellers migrated to Spain and Portugal, countries where they came to settle.

An outstanding line of aged tawnies and vintages


The Portuguese wines are fruit of centuries of traditions and knowledge that were brought by different civilizations that came across Portuguese territory.

The wine export has begun in the period of Roman Empire, shipping Portuguese wine to Rome. Later, after Methuen Treaty in 1703 is signed between Portugal and England, the export developed the trade with United Kingdom.

Since Portugal has the oldest system of appellation in the world as it became the 1st region Demarcated and recognized worldwide. Portugal becomes a reference among the main winemaking countries due to its quality, character and fineness wines produced in different regions.

White wines from North West are light with fresh acidity (Vinho Verde). The whites from the South are higher in alcohol and richer in texture : soft, rich wines from the Alentejo, intense, minerally whites from the Douro, and full-bodied whites from Trás-os-Montes in the north east.

Red wines from the Douro Valley are serious, big and often firmly tannic in their first few years of life, top Douro reds nevertheless have their own robust style of elegance, and often a complexity of flavour that comes from the mix of grapes (Tourigal Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cao, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca). Another source of firm, robust reds is Bairrada. Red wines from Alentejo are rich, round and full-bodied. Alentejo reds are made from a variable blend of grape varieties, including Trincadeira and Aragonez, Alicante Bouschet and Syrah, Touriga Nacional and Cabernet Sauvignon. 



Red Dao DOC 2017


Red Douro DOC 2018


Red Reserve 2018


Red Douro Port Finish

Conic Bottle


Red Douro Port Finish

Wrap Bottle


Red Dao DOC

Red - Reserva Red - Villa Othon

2015 Villa Othon – 93 Points Wine Enthusiast


Red & White TEJO DOC

2017 White – 90 Points Wine Enthusiast

2016 Red – 91 Points Wine Enthusiast


Douro DOC

Reserva Red 2015 – Gold Medal CWSA

Reserva White 2017

Touriga Nacional Red 2015 – Gold Medal CWSA

Reserva Red 2015

Collecao 2014– Gold Medal CWSA


Red Bairrada DOC

Reserva - Gran Reserva

2015 Gran Reserva – Grand Gold Mundus Vini

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