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Vins & Arômes for Bistronomie

Established in 2013 in Grasse, Thibeaut is an innovative drink creator who blends and macerates the best white grape varietals of Luberon with fine spices from Madagascar and fine fruits from Grasse.

Thierry ATHENON produces a range of three wine drinks :

  • Vin & Vanille (Wine & Vanilla)

  • Vin & Cacao (Wine & Cocoa)

  • Vin & Orange (wine & Orange)

Vin & Vanille

The perfect combination of a white wine made from the best grape varieties in the Luberon and an exceptional vanilla cultivated in the Sava region of Madagascar.


Version 1 quickly established itself as a surprising and daring innovation in the world of wine.

This noble vanilla is imported directly without intermediary from Madagascar. It was chosen for its environmental certification.
Its aromatic power is exceptional and, by a meticulous dosage in the wine, allows to extract all the subtle notes of its aromas.


This subtle and daring mixture offers finesse and voluptuousness. Serve as aperitif, with Foie Gras, starters, cheese and desserts.

Vin & Cacao

This marriage of white wine and cocoa beans, precisely dosed, presents a structure that is both balanced and surprising.

For several weeks, the explosive flavors of the bean will evolve at the very heart of the wine, bringing it a remarkable typicity and a complex character while preserving the qualities of the wine and the delicate roundness of the cocoa on the palate.

Our cocoa beans are imported directly from Madagascar, and harvested from the best plantations. We roast them ourselves, which allows us to control the bitterness content and the density of fat which make the richness and power of the cocoa aromas.

Serve with salty starters and creamy desserts. Can also be used while cooking chicken and roasted duck. It will please cigar amateurs.

Vin d'Orange​

Harvested in Pays de Grasse, the bitter orange named
"Bigaradier" is used in perfumery for extracting from its flower an essence called Neroli.

The aromatic richness of the zest of this bitter orange perfumes the wine admirably.
The precise blend of the various spices and flowers that make up our recipe delivers freshness and liveliness on the palate.

The quality of the structure and the neutrality of the white wine allow the bitter orange to evolve freely, to favor the extraction of its bitterness without developing its acidity, and to find its original place in this blend.

Serve as an aperitif. It is used by several star chefs for pastries preparation.

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